New! Comments and OneDrive Come to Manage It

February 17, 2015

Manage It

Comments and OneDrive come to Manage It 

This past month we saw 2 great additions to the Mange It app to make your life even easier. You can now comment on tasks and have quick in-context conversations with your team. We also added support for attaching Microsoft OneDrive files to your tasks and projects.

Comment on tasks

Manage It now makes it easy for you to ask questions and make comments on tasks. Here are a few things you can do with comments:

Add people to the conversation
You can add people to your comments. This allows you to quickly ask someone a question about the task or just bring them into the discussion.

Add attachments to the conversation
You can also add files to your comments. This is very helpful when you need to get someone’s feedback on a file, or when you want to upload a screenshot or photo to help explain something better.

Works everywhere
Works on Android, iPhone, iPad, Windows Phone, BlackBerry Phone, BlackBerry PlayBook, ChromeBooks, and in your web browser.

Click here for more information on how to use comments in Manage It

Attach Microsoft OneDrive Files

If you already use OneDrive, Manage It makes it easy for you to manage your OneDrive files on any device. A few of the things you can do in Manage It include:

  • Attach OneDrive files to tasks.
  • Attach OneDrive files to a project.
  • Attach OneDrive files to a comment.
  • Assign OneDrive tasks to other people in your project.
  • Quickly search for and find your files.
  • Works on Android, iPhone, iPad, Windows Phone, BlackBerry Phone, BlackBerry PlayBook, ChromeBooks, and in your web browser.
Make sure you have our latest app! Go to your device’s app store and click update to keep Manage It up to date.

Introducing Company Calendar in Manage It app

January 18, 2015

Introducing Company Calendar in Manage It app

The all new company calendar allows you to see all of your tasks that are due on an easy to use calendar.

To view your company calendar

  • Go to or open the app on your device.
  • Click the button in the upper left corner of the app to open the left drawer.
  • Click the Schedule button

View your tasks with 4 new calendar views

  • Month – show one month at a time
  • Week – show one week at a time
  • Day – show just one day
  • List – show a list of your tasks, this is a great option on mobile devices

Adding new tasks

To add a task to the calendar all you need to do is add a due date to the task. If you would like to create a new task on the calendar, just click on the day you would like to add the task to.

Editing and viewing tasks

To edit or view a task that is on the calendar just click on the task. To find the task in its project, just click the Go to Project button.

A few other things you can do in the calendar

  • Drag and drop tasks to change their due date
  • Show or hide tasks by clicking the project name on the right side of the page

If you haven’t already, go to now to get the latest app!

As always if you have any suggestions or questions feel free to contact us.



The Manage It Team

Manage It – Attach files and photos to your tasks

November 18, 2014

You were always able to attach files from other services to your tasks but today we release an update that gives you the ability to upload files from your computer and take photos from your device and attach them to your tasks.

Adding files

To attach a file, click the paper clip icon on your task. Next choose the type of file you would like to attach to your task:

To view the files that are attached to the task, click the paper clip icon again, then click the attachment you would like to open:

We support previewing many types of files right from within the app:

This feature is live for your web browser and on Android, Windows, BlackBerry and ChromeBook. iOS is coming as an update in about a week or so.

Manage It Monthly News

October 15, 2014

We have been busy trying to make Manage It the best way for you to work with your team on projects, here are a few new things we have been working on:

Better Evernote Support

Last week we pushed out an update which allows you to view your Evernote notes right from Manage It, without going to the Evernote website. This change will speed up viewing of your notes and make for a much better experience. All users of the web app can use this functionality now and it should come to all of the mobile and native apps within the next week or so.

Android Push Notifications

We now push notifications right to your Android device to alert you if someone assigned you a task or if someone completed a task that you starred. Before this change you only received an email but now you have the option to receive the push notification to your Android phone or tablet. To change your notification settings just log into the app and go to Settings->Notifications

Faster and more stable apps

We also pushed many stability fixes and speed improvements.

There is a lot more we are working on so stay tuned!

** We love your feedback ** Please send any feedback good or bad to us, it helps make the app better for everyone!


The Manage It Team

New in Get It Done

October 7, 2014

Hello Everybody,

We are continuing to make updates to our apps so that you can be more productive.

This week we pushed out an update to Get It Done where you can select the folder that you would like your recurring tasks put in. This may seem like a small change but it helps make Get It Done better adapt to your workflow.

Before this change all of your recurring tasks were put in your Inbox, now you can choose to put them in Today, Next, or Someday.

This idea came right from you so if anyone has any more great ideas please post them to our ideas board:


The Get It Done Team