New! Add multiple tasks (import) into Get It Done

August 21, 2015

Hello Everybody,

Lately there have been a lot of updates for the Manage It app but you will start to see more Get It Done updates roll out soon.

Today we have one new Get It Done update for you, we added ability for you to add multiple tasks at one time. This will save you a lot of time if you frequently add groups of tasks. Lets get into how this works.

  1. Go to
  2. Click the +Add Task button at the bottom right of your screen:
  3. Click the bottom all the way at the bottom of the dialog that says “or add multiple files…” (if you don’t see this button then you might need to reload your browser window)

You should see the following dialog:

Batch add/Import Tasks


Simply fill out all of the information, click save and we will import all of those tasks into the app for you.

One use case for this is if you are importing tasks from a spreadsheet.

If you are importing tasks from a spreadsheet, just copy and paste the task names from a spreadsheet into this dialog. You can also set which area, project, focus, tags, due date, or who these tasks will be assigned to.

Another way this is helpful is if you have the same list of tasks you type every time you start a new project. Just save the list of task names somewhere (maybe in the note of another Get It Done task) so that you can quickly fill this out when you are starting a new project.

If you find other useful ways to use this just let us know!


Manage It August News

August 11, 2015

Hello, everybody! The past month has been a busy one for the Manage It app. Here are some of the new features we’ve added to Manage It:


  • New Activity feed – Quickly see everything that is happening in your company
  • Duplicating tasks – Copy a task or a group of tasks
  • Improved calendar – New revamped calendar to make it easier to use and easier to print
  • PayPal support – Upgrade to Premium using your PayPal account


New activity feed

There is a big need to quickly see a feed of everything that is happening in your company. Our solution is to give you a real-time, Facebook style feed of what everyone is working on. From your new activity feed you can get real-time updates every time someone adds a task, uploads files, completes tasks, comments on tasks, and more.

(Please note that the iOS app with this feature will roll out to all devices sometime in the following week. Make sure you have the latest app by going to the app store on your device.)


Activity Feed

Activity Feed


Duplicating tasks

There are many situations where it would be helpful to duplicate a task or a group of tasks. If you have a list of items that you need to do every time a new project starts, or if you find yourself typing and retyping the same tasks again and again, then you can save a lot of time by duplicating your tasks. Anyone who is on our Premium Plan can use this functionality.

Duplicating your tasks is easy. Make a copy of your tasks by clicking on the 3 dots to the right of each task, then click on “Duplicate task…”.

Click here for more information on how to duplicate tasks.


Improved calendar

Our in-app calendar is one of the most used parts of Manage It. A few weeks ago we made a big update to the calendar to make it easier for you to read, to print, and to see who is assigned a task.


Company Calendar


PayPal support

We are now offering PayPal as an option for companies that are upgrading to our Premium Plan. All premium companies get the following benefits:

  • Upload files
  • Take photos
  • Archive projects
  • Subscribe to your calendar from Outlook or Google calendar
  • Duplicate tasks
  • Create more than 2 projects
  • Export tasks to a spreadsheet
  • and more…

Plans start as low as $10 USD a month, log into to upgrade your account!


We hope all of you have a great productive month. As always, please send any feedback our way!

The Manage It Team

Manage It July News

July 14, 2015

July Newsletter

Hello, everybody! The past month has been a busy one for the Manage It app. Here are some of the new things we added to Manage It to help make you more productive:

  • Subscribing to calendars – See your tasks in Outlook, Google Calendar, or your favorite calendar application
  • Profile Photos – Quickly see who’s assigned to which tasks
  • Apple Watch – Access your tasks from your shiny new watch
  • Project dashboard – Get a birds-eye view of your projects


Subscribing to calendars

Fresh off the press… Yesterday, we added ics calendar sharing for Premium customers. What this means is that you can see your tasks in Outlook, Google Calendar, Apple Calendar, or your favorite calendar application. This will allow you to easily see your tasks without even opening Manage It. This was one of your top 10 most-requested features so we are very excited about this. For more information, see this page:

(Please note that the mobile app version for this feature will roll out to all devices sometime this week. Make sure you have the latest app by going to the app store on your device.)


Profile photos

It is now easier for you to see the photo of the person or people who are assigned a task. This will save you even more time by not having to click around the app just to see who is working which tasks:

Profile Photos

Profile Photos


Apple Watch

A few weeks ago we added support for the Apple Watch. We know this is a very new device and if you are one of the lucky ones, then we got you covered. You can now get a quick glance of the tasks that you should be working on without going to your phone or your computer.


Project dashboard

You now have a new dashboard for your projects when you click the “Projects” button in the left pane of the app. This gives you a quick birds-eye view of all of your projects, including photos of who is part of the project, and also the number of tasks that are due. You can also switch from “card view” or “list view” by clicking the button at the top right of the window:

Projects Dashboard

Projects Dashboard


We hope all of you had a great month. As always, please send any feedback our way!

The Manage It Team

Learn how we can help get your company organized

July 6, 2015

Check out our new explainer video that helps explain how Manage It can help your company get organized!

Manage It June News

June 2, 2015

Manage It


Hello everybody! We’ve made some changes this month to the Manage It app that should help you and your team be even more productive.


More projects for free.

As more people use the app we are able to bring down the pricing and are able to give away more features to you for free. A few months ago we lowered pricing on our top plans and last week we added another project to the free plan. For all companies just trying out the app and are on the free plan you are now able to create 2 projects for no cost. As more people use the Manage It app we hope to lower prices many more time in the future. 


Undo completing a task.

If you are like me and have fat fingers, you sometimes check off tasks by mistake. Now there is an easy way for you to undo when you mistakenly complete a task. When you complete a task you will see a message at the bottom of your window, just click the UNDO button to roll back your last change:

Undo task completion


Archiving projects. 

We recently made it easier for you to archive your old projects. This is helpful if you have an old project that you do not want to delete but you also don’t want it cluttering up the app. To Archive a project just go into the “Edit Projects” dialog, click on the project you would like to archive, then click “Archive Project”:

Archive Project


New “My Tasks” calendar and activity dashboards.

A few months ago we added the “My Tasks” dashboard that is found in the left navigation menu. This dashboard is a quick way to see tasks that you starred or are assigned to you. A few weeks ago we added 2 new additions to this dashboard: My Calendar and My Activity. The “My Calendar” dashboard is a nice way for you to see all the tasks that are assigned to you and when they are due in a month, week, or list view. This is great if you find it easier to see your tasks on a calendar instead of just in a list. The “My Activity” dashboard is a way to see everything you have done in the past, this is useful if you need to know what you accomplished on a particular day.


We hope all of you had a great month. As always please send any feedback our way!

The Manage It Team