Get It Done / Manage It: April News

April 4, 2017

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Happy April!

Back in February we released an all new version of Get It Done (more info). Since many of our improvements apply to both our apps, we will be combining Get It Done and Manage It news in the same newsletter. Let us know what you think.

We will be denoting which app this refers to by putting MI (Manage It) or GID (Get It Done) next to it.

Here’s what we added in February + March

  • Email tasks out of the app (MI + GID)
  • Email task lists out of the app (GID)
  • Move task improvements (GID)
  • Improved search dialog (MI + GID)
  • Repeating tasks improvements (MI + GID)
  • Improved Export to spreadsheet (MI + GID)
  • Better printing of tasks (MI + GID)
  • New support portal (GID)
  • Option to change date format (MI + GID)


Email tasks out of the app (MI + GID)

You can now email an individual task and its notes to yourself or someone else.

  1. Click on the task you would like to email
  2. Click the “More actions” button
  3. Click “Email task…”

Email task out of Get It Done app

Then enter the email address of the person you’d like to send the task to and click “Email Task”.  Simple enough!  The recipient should get the task details such as title, notes, due date…  Give it a try and let us know what you think.

Email task dialog


Email task list out of the app (GID)

You can also email an entire list of tasks out of Get It Done.

  1. Click on the focus or project in the left column of the app
  2. Click the “Import/Export” button at the bottom of the screen
  3. Click “Email task list…”

Email task list out of Get It Done app

NOTE: We only send what is visible in the list.  So if the list filter is set up to only showing “Active Tasks”, the email will only include unchecked tasks (completed tasks will be ignored).

Move task improvements (GID)

We have been making improvements to how you move tasks in Get It Done. We simplified the “Move” dialog so that it is quicker to move your tasks. We are still making improvements to this dialog so stay tuned for a few more tweaks to make this even better.

Move tasks (GID)

Move tasks (GID)


Improved search (MI + GID)

From your valuable feedback (thank you!), we improved the search dialog in both apps to make it easier for you to filter your results by completed, active, or all tasks.  Additionally, you can search in title, notes, or both. Just click the buttons under the search field to refine your results.

Find tasks (MI + GID)

Find tasks (MI + GID)


Repeating tasks improvements (MI + GID)

We made a number of improvements over the past month to repeating tasks. For example in Get It Done, you can now specify which project or focus the new recurring task is put in.  We’ve also fixed a number of bugs involving recurring tasks in both apps.


Improved Export to spreadsheet (MI + GID)

For those of you who export your tasks to a spreadsheet, we improved the output for some of the columns and we also added more fields to the spreadsheet. All of these improvements came from customer suggestions so keep the feedback coming!


Better printing of tasks (MI + GID)

Printing individual tasks looks much better now. Just open the task and click “Print…” in the “More actions…” menu to print a task.


New support portal (GID)

We have a new support portal for Get It Done. We have been adding a lot of how-to documents to help you learn how to use the app. Check it out by clicking here:


Option to change date format (MI + GID)

Last but definitely not least, you can change the date format for both Get It Done and Manage It. This is a highly requested feature for anyone not living in the USA. To change your preferred locale, open the Settings of the app, click on “Profile” then change your “Language / Locale”.


Hopefully we made you just a little more productive this month. As always, please send any questions or comments our way.


The Get It Done + Manage It Team


Get It Done App Review

March 23, 2017

We received a great review yesterday for Get It Done app and we would just like to share, thanks!

Best Task / Todo App On The Market Hands Down

As a person who has to run a very complicated life with upwards of 200 Tasks at any one time, and as a person who is always looking for the very best solution to mange all that – such that I have bought and used over 20+ Task / ToDo Apps, let me say with assurance that Get It Done get is by far the best, the most usable, the most portable, the most robust Organizing App on the market.

No other app lets you have so much control over the sorting of your items; nor does anyone have a more robust note section – thousands of characters; no one syncs more reliably nor more quickly; no one else duplicates the desktop and mobile experience so completely. 

I could on and on, but instead let me just say that the Technical Support on this App is the best of any App I own, regardless of the category. One time, I asked for there to be more characters in the notes, and within two days there was. And that is just tip of the iceberg. 

Add to all this the sharing abilities with your team(s), AND the way that it applies Get It Done principles in a way where you greatly benefit from them even if you’ve never read the book, and you begin to see why I am so high on this App. It was already my preferred organizing App before the update, but I wouldn’t have written this glowing of a review for the old version. But now, it is just over the top. Simply superb update that took everything from scheduled tasks to syncing to new levels. 

If you want your life to be as organized as possible, this is it! 

Massive Love & Mad Respect
May God Richly Bless You

Curt – Lead Pastor – Lake Samm Foursquare

Manage It February News

February 20, 2017

Manage It - project manager


New this month

  • New Get It Done app
  • Expand all / hide all subtasks
  • New projects view for mobile
  • International date format
  • Improved printing of individual tasks
  • Better spreadsheet export


New Get It Done app

We recently launched a big update to our other app Get It Done (  This is a tool for individuals to manage their tasks. We based this app on the book Getting Things Done by David Allen.

This is good news for Manage It users because we now share much of our code base with Get It Done.  This means new functionality and bug fixes will come out much faster for both apps.


Expand All / Hide All Subtasks

Have you ever wanted to see all of your tasks and sub-tasks but didn’t want to click on each task to expand it? We just added 2 new options: expand all and hide all subtasks. This can be found when you click the wrench icon within your project:

Expand or hide all tasks

This feature is in the web app ( and should make it to the apps in the app stores shortly.


New Projects View for Mobile

We added a new way for you to see all of your projects when you are on your mobile device. If you open the app drawer (click the 3 lines in the top left corner of the app) then click on the Projects header, you will see an overview of all your projects. This overview shows you who is on the project and how many overdue tasks there are:

Projects Overview

We hope this quick overview saves you some time so that you can be even more productive.


International Date Format

You can now change the way your dates are displayed. If you go into Settings > ProfileLanguage/Locale, you can find the two date format options.  The English US option will display dates MM/DD/YYYY and the English UK option will display dates DD/MM/YYYY:

Date format


Improved Printing of Individual Tasks

For those of you who print hardcopies, we made it a little easier to print your individual tasks. When you open a task, click the More actions button. You will see the option Print… which will make the output a little easier to read when you print the task.

Print tasks


Better Spreadsheet Export

You will now see more data when you export your tasks to a spreadsheet. The export now includes columns for project, created by, repeats, and number of attachments.


We hope everyone is having a great February. As always, we love to hear your feedback.  Feel free to contact us through the app any time!


The Manage It Team

All New Get It Done Task App

February 1, 2017

Get It Done Task App

The all new Get It Done task app is here!

Get It Done was developed way back in 2007 before the first iPhone came out. We have since made thousands of improvements and have hundreds of thousands of users using it.

After 10 years, we needed to start fresh so that we can continue making the app better for the next 10+ years.

For those who never used Get It Done, it is an easy to use app to help you manage your tasks. Based off of the book “Getting Things Done” we made an app that works in your web browser, and mobile device.

The new version is a completely new app. We took what we learned from our other app Manage It and created the new Get It Done app. This brings a lot of new functionality to Get It Done:

  • Real-time updates are pushed instantly to all of your devices
  • Google login
  • Attach Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, Evernote, and Box files
  • Comment on tasks
  • Email tasks into the app (BCC works now!)
  • Inline preview of files
  • OSX app
  • iPhone/iPad/Android notifications
  • New free plan that syncs and backs up all of your devices
  • Group plans to allow you to add up to 35 people to the app for one low monthly price
  • Duplicating tasks
  • And much more…

So now we will have 2 separate apps:

  • Get It Done Classic (the old version)
  • Get It Done 5 (the new version)

We will continue supporting the old version of the app for the foreseeable future but we will only be making improvements to the new version of the app.

If you are an old Get It Done user then you will need to create an account with the new app. You will have the option to start fresh and only enter what you need in the in new app or you can import your tasks and projects from the old Get It Done app.

For most people the transition should be seamless. The app looks and acts almost the same as the old version.

But there are some things to be aware of when moving to the new version:

  • * All your ‘People’ also need to move to the new version
  • Different mobile apps
  • Recurring tasks need to be set up again
  • Calendar subscriptions will be a new link
  • Emailing tasks to the app will be a new email address
  • New billing plans

To learn more about the differences click here.

What’s new?

From the surface, Get It Done 5 looks mostly the same as Get It Done Classic so it should be an easy transition. You already know how to use it!

Get It Done Task App

Get It Done Task App


But we added lots of little things to make your life easier. One of them is an option to add tasks to the top or bottom of the list. Just click the arrow to the left of the add task field to change your preference. This seems like a small change but it can save you a lot of time.

Add task to list

Add task to list


One of the bigger improvements in Get It Done 5 is attachments. You can now attach photos, files, Dropbox, Evernote, OneDrive, and Google Drive files to your tasks.

Attach files to tasks

Attach all types of files to your tasks.


Your task view is greatly improved too. You can preview your attachments from here without clicking anything. We will show you previews of many types of files including photos, Google Drive files, Evernote notes, and more.

Task View

Task View


When you click on the file thumbnail, you will get a much larger view without leaving the app.

File Preview

File Preview


You can also now comment on tasks. At the bottom of the task dialog you will see a section where you can add your comments. If you assigned someone this task they will also receive an email when you leave a comment. They can comment back by using  the app or replying to the email.

Comment on tasks

Comment on tasks


One of our favorite new features of Get It Done 5 is the ability to take a photo on your computer or mobile device and attach it to a task. This is a great way to quickly add context to your task.

Take and attach photos

Take and attach photos


There is a lot more that has changed and we will go into more detail in future posts. Stay tuned!


Getting started

How do I start using the new app?

  1. Just go to and create a new account. If you purchased the old app you will have to also purchase the new app because the plans changed slightly. After you purchase send us an email and we will give you a prorated refund so that you are not double charged.

Where can I find the new apps to download to my phone or computer?

What happens if I find something that is broken?

  • Use the “Contact Us” link in the app and let us know what you found.

What happens to all my tasks in the old app?

  • Nothing, all your tasks are still there, these are 2 completely different apps. Anything you do in the new app will only affect the new app, anything you do in the old app will only affect the old app.

Can I still use the old version of the app?

  • Yes, the old app will still work exactly as it does today, nothing will change there. You should try to move to the new version of the app as soon as you can but we are not rushing you to do so.

How do I import my tasks from the old app?

  • To import your tasks and projects from the old app, click the “Import/Export” button at the bottom of the app, then click “Import from old Get It Done”

I paid for the old app, do I have to purchase the new app too?

  • You will need to purchase the new app because the plans changed slightly. After you purchase send us an email and we will give you a prorated refund so that you are not double charged.

What are the differences between the new and old apps?

New Get It Done Beta

January 16, 2017

Get It Done App

The new version of Get It Done is out now so this beta post is no longer relevant!

Click here for details on the new app:

All New Get It Done Task App