Manage It v4 is out, get it now!

February 2, 2016

Hello everyone,

We hope everybody had a productive January. This past month we hit a major milestone, you’ve now managed over 3 million tasks with our apps! We hope that we make your life just a little easier and we work hard to keep your data safe and secure.

Last week we released the 4th major change to the Manage It app ( On the surface it might look the same, but behind the scenes there were major changes. We redesigned our entire back-end so that we can make the app faster and more stable. This release also allows us to add a lot of helpful functionality to both Manage It and Get It Done in the future. Keep an eye on us because we have many new features planned for the next few months.

So how do you get the new app? If you access the app through the web browser you are probably already using it, we automatically direct you to the new app when you reload the webpage.

If you downloaded the app from an app store you may already be up to date as well. If not, just head to the app store and click the update button. Here are links to the different app stores depending on what device you have:

Thanks for trusting us with your personal and business tasks, we are working hard to make you more productive and organized.

Have a great February!

The Mange It Team


Manage It November News

November 9, 2015

Hello everybody! The past month has been a busy one for the Manage It app. Here are some of the new features we’ve added to Manage It:


  • Improved My Tasks view – See the context of your tasks and sort your tasks from this view
  • Activity feed improvements – Know when new activity has come in
  • iPad split screen and slide over – Use the app in split screen mode or slide over mode on the iPad
  • Lower pricing – Archived projects no longer count toward your total project count


Improved My Tasks view

We made 2 big improvements to the My Tasks and People views in the app.

1) You can now sort all of your tasks that are in your My Tasks or People views. Previously you were only able to sort tasks if they had a parent task in the list but now your parent tasks are sortable too. Your Starred and Assigned lists are also listed in the same order as they are in the project, this means if you sort in your Starred or Assigned lists, your changes are reflected in the main project.

2) You now see the context of tasks in your Assigned and Starred lists. This is very useful if you use sub-tasks in the app. If you are assigned a sub task, you will now also see the name of the parent task in the list. For example, if you were assigned the task “Finish the landing page” under the main task “The Big Jones Project” it would show up in your Assigned task list like this:


context view


Activity feed improvements

In your company activity feed we no longer auto load new activity for you. We noticed that when a lot of changes were happening, the activity feed would be difficult to read because it would keep adding the new items as they come in. We took a cue from Facebook and added an indicator letting you know that there were new changes and how many new changes are coming in:


new changes indicator


iPad split screen and slide over

If you own a newer iPad and have the latest iOS 9 update for it, you can use Manage It in both Slide Over and Split Screen mode. Split Screen mode lets you see 2 different apps side by side on your screen and Slide Over mode lets you quickly access your Manage It task list with the quick swipe of the screen. This is great if you are using another app and you would like to quickly add a task to Manage It but you do not want to lose your place in the app that is open. For more information on how to use Slide Over and Split Screen you can check out this overview:


Lower pricing

As promised, we will continue to lower prices or give you more for your money. Starting this month your archived projects no longer count toward your total project count. Many companies create a new project for each customer and when the project is complete they archive it. This helps keep the app uncluttered but still gives you the ability to reference old projects. Previously these archived projects counted toward your total number of projects but now we only bill you for the projects that are active.

We hope to continue lowering pricing and giving you more value for your money as we continue to grow.


We hope all of you had a great month. As always, please send any feedback our way!
The Manage It Team


Manage It September News

September 28, 2015

Hello everybody! The past month has been a busy one for the Manage It app. Here are some of the new features we’ve added to Manage It:


  • Global find – Quickly find people, notes, and projects across your entire company
  • Email tasks to a project – Add tasks by sending emails to a project
  • Comment on a task from your email – Quickly comment on a task just by replying to an email
  • New company permissions – Turn off certain capabilities for people in your company
  • Export to csv options – Create a spreadsheet of just one person or project or create a spreadsheet of the entire company
  • Lower pricing – Lower pricing on plans that have more than 35 people


Global Find

It is now much faster and easier for you to find any task, note, project, or person across your entire company. Trying to find a particular person? Just type the first few letters of their name and they come right up. Do you have a lot of projects and find it cumbersome to reach them? Just start typing the project name into the search dialog and your project will appear. Did you have a note in a task but just can’t remember which task it was in? Global find can help you find this too.

We’ve found that this is one of the most used features of the app since we’ve added it.


Email tasks to a project

Premium customers can now email tasks into their projects. If you are like us, many of your tasks originate from an email someone sent you. Now you can just forward the email to a project and we will add it as a task. The subject line will become the name of the task and the body of the email will be the note of the task. We hope this will save you a lot of time by not having to open the app just to add a task. For more information see our help page:


Comment on a task by replying to an email

Have you ever received an email from the app notifying you that someone assigned you a task or that someone commented on a task? Now you can add a comment to the task by simply replying to the email. This might not sound like much, but it will save you a lot of time since you no longer need to open the app to reply. Our goal with Manage It is to save you time and make you more productive by integrating with your existing workflows.


New company permissions

Some companies have stricter security policies than others. This month we added the ability for you to “turn off” certain features for everyone in your company. This will help you setup Manage It so that it aligns with your company policies. So far, we’ve added the ability to turn off the following:

  • Uploading files
  • Sending emails to projects
  • Sharing project calendars


New export to spreadsheet options

Previously, you were only able to export single projects to a spreadsheet. Last month we expanded this functionality quite a bit. You can now export the entire company to a spreadsheet or just one person’s tasks. This will save you a lot of time if you often export your tasks to a spreadsheet.


Lower pricing

Last month we lowered our pricing for companies that have more than 35 people using the app. We simplified the plans and now give you unlimited projects for the same price as the previous plans.

We’ve already lowered the prices and increased the limits of our plans a number of times this year. As the number of companies using the app grows, we hope to continue giving you the best pricing that we can.


We hope all of you had a great month. As always, please send any feedback our way!
The Manage It Team

New! Add multiple tasks (import) into Get It Done

August 21, 2015

Hello Everybody,

Lately there have been a lot of updates for the Manage It app but you will start to see more Get It Done updates roll out soon.

Today we have one new Get It Done update for you, we added ability for you to add multiple tasks at one time. This will save you a lot of time if you frequently add groups of tasks. Lets get into how this works.

  1. Go to
  2. Click the +Add Task button at the bottom right of your screen:
  3. Click the bottom all the way at the bottom of the dialog that says “or add multiple files…” (if you don’t see this button then you might need to reload your browser window)

You should see the following dialog:

Batch add/Import Tasks


Simply fill out all of the information, click save and we will import all of those tasks into the app for you.

One use case for this is if you are importing tasks from a spreadsheet.

If you are importing tasks from a spreadsheet, just copy and paste the task names from a spreadsheet into this dialog. You can also set which area, project, focus, tags, due date, or who these tasks will be assigned to.

Another way this is helpful is if you have the same list of tasks you type every time you start a new project. Just save the list of task names somewhere (maybe in the note of another Get It Done task) so that you can quickly fill this out when you are starting a new project.

If you find other useful ways to use this just let us know!


Manage It August News

August 11, 2015

Hello, everybody! The past month has been a busy one for the Manage It app. Here are some of the new features we’ve added to Manage It:


  • New Activity feed – Quickly see everything that is happening in your company
  • Duplicating tasks – Copy a task or a group of tasks
  • Improved calendar – New revamped calendar to make it easier to use and easier to print
  • PayPal support – Upgrade to Premium using your PayPal account


New activity feed

There is a big need to quickly see a feed of everything that is happening in your company. Our solution is to give you a real-time, Facebook style feed of what everyone is working on. From your new activity feed you can get real-time updates every time someone adds a task, uploads files, completes tasks, comments on tasks, and more.

(Please note that the iOS app with this feature will roll out to all devices sometime in the following week. Make sure you have the latest app by going to the app store on your device.)


Activity Feed

Activity Feed


Duplicating tasks

There are many situations where it would be helpful to duplicate a task or a group of tasks. If you have a list of items that you need to do every time a new project starts, or if you find yourself typing and retyping the same tasks again and again, then you can save a lot of time by duplicating your tasks. Anyone who is on our Premium Plan can use this functionality.

Duplicating your tasks is easy. Make a copy of your tasks by clicking on the 3 dots to the right of each task, then click on “Duplicate task…”.

Click here for more information on how to duplicate tasks.


Improved calendar

Our in-app calendar is one of the most used parts of Manage It. A few weeks ago we made a big update to the calendar to make it easier for you to read, to print, and to see who is assigned a task.


Company Calendar


PayPal support

We are now offering PayPal as an option for companies that are upgrading to our Premium Plan. All premium companies get the following benefits:

  • Upload files
  • Take photos
  • Archive projects
  • Subscribe to your calendar from Outlook or Google calendar
  • Duplicate tasks
  • Create more than 2 projects
  • Export tasks to a spreadsheet
  • and more…

Plans start as low as $10 USD a month, log into to upgrade your account!


We hope all of you have a great productive month. As always, please send any feedback our way!

The Manage It Team