Manage It – Attach files and photos to your tasks

November 18, 2014

You were always able to attach files from other services to your tasks but today we release an update that gives you the ability to upload files from your computer and take photos from your device and attach them to your tasks.

Adding files

To attach a file, click the paper clip icon on your task. Next choose the type of file you would like to attach to your task:

To view the files that are attached to the task, click the paper clip icon again, then click the attachment you would like to open:

We support previewing many types of files right from within the app:

This feature is live for your web browser and on Android, Windows, BlackBerry and ChromeBook. iOS is coming as an update in about a week or so.

Manage It Monthly News

October 15, 2014

We have been busy trying to make Manage It the best way for you to work with your team on projects, here are a few new things we have been working on:

Better Evernote Support

Last week we pushed out an update which allows you to view your Evernote notes right from Manage It, without going to the Evernote website. This change will speed up viewing of your notes and make for a much better experience. All users of the web app can use this functionality now and it should come to all of the mobile and native apps within the next week or so.

Android Push Notifications

We now push notifications right to your Android device to alert you if someone assigned you a task or if someone completed a task that you starred. Before this change you only received an email but now you have the option to receive the push notification to your Android phone or tablet. To change your notification settings just log into the app and go to Settings->Notifications

Faster and more stable apps

We also pushed many stability fixes and speed improvements.

There is a lot more we are working on so stay tuned!

** We love your feedback ** Please send any feedback good or bad to us, it helps make the app better for everyone!


The Manage It Team

New in Get It Done

October 7, 2014

Hello Everybody,

We are continuing to make updates to our apps so that you can be more productive.

This week we pushed out an update to Get It Done where you can select the folder that you would like your recurring tasks put in. This may seem like a small change but it helps make Get It Done better adapt to your workflow.

Before this change all of your recurring tasks were put in your Inbox, now you can choose to put them in Today, Next, or Someday.

This idea came right from you so if anyone has any more great ideas please post them to our ideas board:


The Get It Done Team

It’s Here! The All New Manage It 2.0

September 8, 2014

This has been a very busy month for Manage It. Here is what we have been working on for you:


All New Look and Feel

We redesigned the entire app to to give you a cleaner and simpler view of your tasks and projects. We wanted to make a design that was easier to use and more consistent across all of your devices.


In-app Notifications

You now have one simple place where you can see all of your notifications. Just click on the bell icon to see all of your notifications:

In-app Notifications

In-app Notifications


Task History

Quickly see who created a task and when the task was created.


Task History

Task History


Quickly Add Sub-Tasks

You can now create subtask much quicker now by clicking the + button to the left of each task. We have fond that this simple improvement saves us a lot of time.


Add Subtasks

Add Subtasks



Improved Printing

You were always able to print your task list from your web browser but we just added printing support to the Windows 8 app and Chrome Packaged app. We also improved the style and layout of the list when you print it so that you can see more tasks on one page.


Faster Mobile Apps + Many Bug Fixes

We made many improvements across the board for all of the mobile apps and touch devices. The app is now faster and easier to use. We also fixed a number of issues that you may have run into. Reminder: If you have an issue with the app please let us know, we are usually pretty quick to fix bugs.


Thanks for all of your great feedback and support, it helps us make a great app for you and your team!


The Manage It Team

Manage It News

July 8, 2014

Hello Everybody,

Over the past few weeks there have been a number of great improvements to Manage It. We hope these improvements help make you even more productive.

Find Tasks

You can now quickly find your tasks from within the app. Simply click the search button in the app then start typing.

Many people have started to use the new find feature to “Tag” their tasks. For example you can add a task called:

“Do TPS report #high”

And if you type in “#high” in to the find field, we will only show you tasks that have the tag #high in the task title. We hope this will help all of us find and filter our tasks.


Go to a Task from History Panel

We also added the ability for you to click on the task name in the history panel (the bottom right of the screen) and be taken directly to where the task is. This will help you quickly see what tasks are added or edited by other people in your project.

Export Project Tasks to a Spreadsheet

You can now download your project to your computer. Click on the wrench icon in the app then click “export project as csv” and your project will begin to download. You can then open this file in Microsoft Excel or any other spreadsheet application.

New Getting Started Help Pages

We added a number of pages to our website to help you get started with Manage It. If you do not understand how to use the app, maybe these pages can help:

If you still don’t understand Manage It, feel free to email us at:


Four New Native Apps Released

Last week we added support for 4 new platforms: Windows 8.1, Windows Phone 8.1, BlackBerry BB10, and BlackBerry PlayBook. See the links below to download:

Window 8.1


Windows Phone 8.1

As always let us know if you have any suggestions or comments. Your comments help make the app better for everybody using it, thanks!