Tips to Prepare Your Account for 2019

Now that 2019 is here, we thought it would be helpful to suggest a few clean-up items you can do to freshen your Manage It (MI) and Get It Done (GID) accounts and start off the new year with a clearer mind (and app). Tips to prepare your account for 2019 (GID) Organize your tasks into Focus Areas - We heard you! From popular demands, we create...

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Happy New Year!

New year, new logo for Manage It!

We will be slowly rolling out our new Manage It look in the coming weeks. Be sure to look out for it. Don’t worry. The app layout will remain in tact so we can all stay “busy”! 🐝 (Get it?!?! AHEM! Sorry, couldn’t help it.)

Get It Done / Manage It: December News

I hope everyone is enjoying the fall. We have been very busy here recovering from the busy “back to school” season. Here are some of the new things we added to Manage It (MI) and Get It Done (GID) to help make you more productive: Smart Parse for Quick Add and Email (MI + GID) Import from spreadsheet (MI + GID) Export creation date (MI + GID) ...

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Get It Done / Manage It: April News

Happy April! Back in February we released an all new version of Get It Done (more info). Since many of our improvements apply to both our apps, we will be combining Get It Done and Manage It news in the same newsletter. Let us know what you think! We will be denoting which app this refers to by putting MI (Manage It) or GID (Get It Done) next t...

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Get It Done App Review

We received a great review yesterday for Get It Done app and we would just like to share, thanks! Best Task / Todo App On The Market Hands Down As a person who has to run a very complicated life with upwards of 200 Tasks at any one time, and as a person who is always looking for the very best solution to mange all that - such that I have bought...

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Manage It February News

  New this month New Get It Done app Expand all / hide all subtasks New projects view for mobile International date format Improved printing of individual tasks Better spreadsheet export   New Get It Done app We recently launched a big update to our other app Get It Done (  This is a tool for individuals t...

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Get It Done 5 is here!

Try Get It Done 5 now! Get It Done was developed way back in 2007 before the first iPhone came out. We have since made thousands of improvements and have hundreds of thousands of users using it. After 10 years, we needed to start fresh so that we can continue making the app better for the next 10+ years. For those who never used Get It Done,...

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Manage It January News

Happy New Year! I hope everyone had a great holiday. We just released our 5th major version of Manage It. There will be many new things to report in the upcoming weeks as we push out new features for you. This week we would like to announce: Repeating tasks You can now use Manage It to create repeating tasks. Here are a few examples of ways yo...

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New Get It Done Beta!

We have been working very hard on a brand new version of our Get It Done and Manage It apps.

If you are a Get It Done user and would like to help us test the new beta of Get It Done, email us at Please include the email address you are currently using for Get It Done.



Beta Screenshot


Beta Screenshot




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