Get It Done App Review

We received a great review yesterday for Get It Done app and we would just like to share, thanks!

Best Task / Todo App On The Market Hands Down

As a person who has to run a very complicated life with upwards of 200 Tasks at any one time, and as a person who is always looking for the very best solution to mange all that - such that I have bought and used over 20+ Task / ToDo Apps, let me say with assurance that Get It Done get is by far the best, the most usable, the most portable, the most robust Organizing App on the market.

No other app lets you have so much control over the sorting of your items; nor does anyone have a more robust note section – thousands of characters; no one syncs more reliably nor more quickly; no one else duplicates the desktop and mobile experience so completely. 

I could on and on, but instead let me just say that the Technical Support on this App is the best of any App I own, regardless of the category. One time, I asked for there to be more characters in the notes, and within two days there was. And that is just tip of the iceberg. 

Add to all this the sharing abilities with your team(s), AND the way that it applies Get It Done principles in a way where you greatly benefit from them even if you've never read the book, and you begin to see why I am so high on this App. It was already my preferred organizing App before the update, but I wouldn't have written this glowing of a review for the old version. But now, it is just over the top. Simply superb update that took everything from scheduled tasks to syncing to new levels. 

If you want your life to be as organized as possible, this is it! 

Massive Love & Mad Respect
May God Richly Bless You

Curt – Lead Pastor – Lake Samm Foursquare

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