New Get It Done Beta!

December 21, 2016

We have been working very hard on a brand new version of our Get It Done and Manage It apps.

If you are a Get It Done user and would like to help us test the new beta of Get It Done, email us at Please include the email address you are currently using for Get It Done.



Beta Screenshot

Beta Screenshot


Beta Screenshot

Beta Screenshot




Manage It June News

June 28, 2016

June has been a busy month for the Manage It app and we have a lot planned for July as well.

Here are some of the new things we’ve added to help you be more productive:

  • Files tab shows you thumbnails of your files
  • Task attach menu shows you thumbnails of your files
  • Thumbnail preview of websites, Google Docs, Box, and Evernote
  • Much faster app

NEW! Thumbnail preview of files and websites

Last week we launched new thumbnail previews for your files and website links. If you click on the “Files” tab in your project you will now see thumbnails for all of your files, Google Docs, Evernote notes, box files, and website links. Here is a preview of what you will see:

Project files show you a thumbnail preview


Attach Menu Thumbnails

The “Attach” menu on your tasks will also show a preview of your files. We are finding that it is much more convenient to view the quick preview of your files in this menu then just a list of files. Here is what you might see when you click the paperclip icon on your task:

Project files show you a thumbnail preview


Better Thumbnail Support

We now create thumbnails for the following file types: website links, Google Docs, Box, Evernote, PDF, Videos, and images. We plan on continuously supporting more file previews as time goes on.


Faster app

We also put a lot of work into making the app even faster for you to use. We noticed a few slowdowns in past versions especially on mobile devices and we are now seeing 5X+ speed improvements on on many phones and tablets. If anyone out there experiences a slow app, please let us know the details so that we can look to fix the speed issues you are seeing.


We hope everyone is having a productive June. As always, we look forward to hearing your feedback and suggestions!

The Manage It Team

Manage It May News

June 1, 2016

May was another busy month for the Manage It app and we have a lot planned for June as well.

Here are some of the new things we’ve added to help you be more productive:

  • More price reductions
  • New dark theme
  • Spreadsheet improvements

More price reductions 

You might have noticed that a few times a year we either lower pricing or or give you more for your current plan. As more companies use Manage It, our cost per company is lower so we pass the savings on to you. This month we lowered pricing significantly (more than 50%) for some of our top tier plans. If you are on one of these plans you will see a reduction in your monthly fee next month. Hopefully we can continue this trend and lower prices even more this year.

New dark theme

One of our most requested features is for you to have more theme options. This week we added a new “Dark” theme which should help those of you who have a hard time seeing the contrast of our “Light” theme. This feature is live on the web version and will come to your native apps some time this week. To give it a try just go to your settings and switch the theme. Here is a preview:


Dark Theme

Spreadsheet improvements

We also made some small improvements when you export your tasks to a spreadsheet. You now see the “Parent” task for any sub-task in your list. You will also see the task effort in the spreadsheet. Both of these suggestions came from companies like yours so please send us any feedback on how we can improve your app!


We hope everyone had a productive May. As always, we look forward to hearing your feedback and suggestions!

The Manage It Team


Thanks for the kind words!

April 4, 2016

Roofing Contractor

We came across this great review of our apps by Severe Weather Roofing and Restoration from Denver, CO. They are a roofing company serving area in Colorado including Denver, Fort Collins, Boulder, Loveland and Longmont.

Roofing Contractor


The major benefits that the Marcucio product line brings to many of our construction projects is the ability to get organized. Many times clutter, disorganization, and disarray is the single most reason why a project fails either because workers are unsure of what to do, project changes don’t get documented, or any of the other countless reasons which can occur within the lifespan of a construction build and Marcucio has certainly helped us prevent these type of problems.

The three main aspects that we like about Marcucio is that it was built upon organizing yourself as the project manager, organizing your team, and organizing passwords and protective information securely.

The self-management tool built into Marcucio which is called ‘Get It Done‘ is just amazing. At the very least it is a to-do list and a task manager but with many more features than just writing a note on a piece of paper. The app lets us organize various tasks and delegate them, ultimately tracking the progress of each even on a mobile platform. Emails associated with tasks are all saved in dedicated folders and the tasks themselves can be ‘tagged’ for easier access and sorting. The tasks can be dropped into a calendar, prioritized, postponed, or outfitted with a reminder.

Another app of Marcucio that we really appreciate having is the ‘Manage It‘ app. What it basically does is enable members of our team to be added to a project for collaboration, delegation, and communication. Everyone included on the team is kept up to date on where each member is with their task and if resources need to be allocated to make sure the project flies smoothly.

Finally, ‘Remember It‘ serves as a safeguard not only so team managers will always have access to their important information, but so that others will not. The program features bank-level security and data back-up for those ‘just in case’ moments. There is a mobile app or a website platform to use so nothing needs to be downloaded and thus at risk for compromise.
Marcucio is a fine blend of products that are easy to access on the web or in mobile and are very visually friendly. The apps involved with the family of products are very versatile for construction and other products. We’re excited to see more features soon!


Matt Lee
Severe Weather Roofing

Manage It March News

March 10, 2016

February was another busy month for the Manage It app and March is shaping up to be a great month as well.

Here are some of the new things we’ve added to help you be more productive:

  • New Mac OSX app
  • Add tasks to the bottom of the list
  • Add tasks using your voice
  • Speed improvements


New app for Mac OS X

After over a year of going back and forth with Apple, we finally got approval for our Mac OS X app. Here are some of the advantages of using the Mac app over the app in your web browser:

  • You can use the app even if you do not have an internet connection.
  • You can put the app icon on your desktop or your dock
  • More keyboard shortcuts
  • Notification badge in the dock (if you put the app there)
You can find the app in the app store on your computer or by clicking here:

Add tasks to the bottom of the list

You might not have even noticed a small feature we added, but it will surely make your life easier. You can now choose to add new tasks to the top or bottom of the list by toggling the arrow to the left of the “Add Task” text field. Click this arrow to set whether tasks get added to the top or bottom of the task list. This will save you from having to manually move tasks to the bottom of the list when adding a group of tasks.

Add tasks using your voice

If you are using the Chrome web browser, you can now add tasks by just talking to your computer. To add tasks using voice, click the microphone icon in the “Add Task” field, then just say the name your task. Please note, the first time you use this feature you may have to give us permissions to use your microphone.

Speed improvements

We are always looking to make the app faster. Last month we made some improvements that made sorting and adding tasks faster. If you have a small list of tasks you might not notice an improvement, but if you have thousands of tasks in a project you will definitely see a marked improvement in performance.

We hope everyone is having a productive March. As always, we look forward to hearing your feedback and suggestions!


The Manage It Team