Playing the waiting game

Hello everybody, here is a status update of 4.0.

4.0 is done and submitted to Apple, actually we submitted to Apple a few weeks ago and we have been going back and forth because they want us to change things in the app in order to be approved in the app store. We just submitted another build today so hopefully this will be the last one.

Once Apple approves 4.0, updates can be released much faster and we no longer need to wait for Apple for releases, but since this was a pretty big change we need to get Apple on 4.0 before we can release the 4.0 web app.

But we haven't just been sitting around doing nothing while Apple dose its thing, we have the next version 4.1 almost ready, this will include a NATIVE APP for OSX! This is very exciting for us and we plan on releasing this about a week after Apple approves the iOS app.

Thanks for being so patient!

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