Get It Done just got a lot better!

We just release a new version of our app; here is an overview of what has changed. We will go into more detail in the following days so stay tuned.

Redesigned UI

We made it very quick and easy to edit your due dates and tags right from the list. You no longer need to open a task to change the tags or due date.

We also added a new toolbar to the bottom of the screen.  We wanted to add more features but had no place to put them so we made this handy menu to keep things clean, neat, and organized.

We also removed the trash and we automatically (if you want) empty your completed items folder after items have been completed for a day, week, or month. By combining the trash and completed items folder, we hope to make the UI cleaner, faster, and easier to use.

Updated Blog

We now have a blog we can be proud of. We updated everything from the design to the organization. Hopefully, you will find it easier to find what you are looking for.

Speed improvements

There have been many speed improvements across the board. Faster loading, faster UI, faster servers, keyboard shortcuts, and better-designed UI so you can get things done quicker.


Ever wonder what happened to that "call your mom" task?  You can now search any task from one easy-to-use screen.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Want to add a task? Just press '+'. Want to cycle through tags or categories?  Just use your arrow keys. Want to add a task? Just start typing. It's fast and easy.

Calendar Sync

If you use a calendar system like google calendar or iCal, you can subscribe to a calendar that lists all of your tasks in your today folder, as well as any tasks with a due date.


We always back up your data automatically.  However, now you can do it yourself now by just downloading them to a convenient csv spreadsheet.

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