New Version Out Today

We just released a new version of Get It Done today and we think it is great. Here is a list of some of the changes:

- iPhone ready!! We are submitting to Apple this week so keep an eye out for the app!
- we no longer sync if account expired
- made a clear button for the sync log
- iPhone now syncs all tasks, tags, and projects
- tweaked check button, fixed bugs with this
- we now scroll the tags top bar if there are too many to display
- made loading of tasks much faster
- drag and drop of tasks is now much faster
- new screen for expired accounts
- fixed bugs with scheduled items
- removed "show in today" it was too confusing and never used
- repeat todos now have the tags of their parent
- delete and replace tags now works for projects too
- fixed many bugs with repeat todos

As always if you have any problems let us know!

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