Important Information for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch Users

Important Message for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch Users who are using Get It Done App but NOT using the web site at

There is a serious bug in the new Apple iOS 5.1 update. If you are using our web site at everything will be OK because we back up your data for you.

If you are NOT using and you are just using the app on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch then there is a change that can result in your data being deleted on the device after upgrading to iOS 5.1.

Again this is not an issue if you can log into your account at and see your tasks

There is a way to work around this issue BEFORE you upgrade.

This is a solution that works most of the time to get back the data. The migration can be done manually:
- download the software iExplorer (, free)
- connect your device to your computer and run iExplorer
- in iExplorer, open the Apps directory, then  the App directory (getitdoneapp), then the Library/WebKit/Databases directory
- copy the directory Database/file__0 to the Library/Caches directory :
- copy the Localstorage/file__0 to the Library/Caches
Also Copy the entire getitdoneapp folder to your computer in case the upgrade does not work for you!
Sorry for the inconvenience, hopefully Apple fixes this bug before too many people experience this issue, we will also be putting in a fix on our end to prevent this from happening in the future.
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