New Get It Done update 4.0.4

We have released a bug fix build for Android. The new version is 4.0.4. It should show up in the Play store within the next hour or so.

Here is what has changed:

  • fixed bug where on some android devices there was an error during the login process
  • fixed bug where people were not droppable after a new person
  • fixed bug where version string was not getting updated correctly
  • fixed issue where the account was not activating properly
  • fixed bug where some people's tasks were not showing up in a smart group

As always, if you have any issues let us know!

New Get It Done update 4.0.3

Maintenance release 4.0.3 is out for Android, iOS, Playbook. The update is in the Play Market now, Kindle, Nook, iOS, Playbook apps should be approved in a few days by their respective stores.

Here is what has changed:

  • fixed issue with logging in with expired accounts
  • if we can't get prefs from server then get the default prefs
  • fixed overflow issue with long titles on android
  • fixed corrupt Android build
  • fixed layout issue for buy now window on Android phones
  • fix buy now buttons on playbook
  • added buy now button to the settings if we are a trial
  • changed so that we can choose a due date that was in the past

As always, if you have any issues let us know!


New Update for Get It Done Android

Maintenance release 4.0.2 is out for Android, the update is in the Play Market now, Kindle and Nook apps should be approved in a few days.

Here is what has changed:

  • fixed line break formatting in notes view
  • fixed issue with saving notes
  • fixed account type issue when purchasing app
  • delete button didn't disappear after deleting a project
  • fixed bug with pressing the number 4 when in a dialog
  • increase evernote to 500 notes
  • fixed bugs with the quick add field not getting focus
  • changed welcome view wording
  • added back in some keyboard shortcuts

As always, if you have any issues let us know!


Get It Done 4.0 is Here!

The highly anticipated update to Get It Done is finally here! This update is a complete rewrite of the web apps,  mobile apps, and server so that we can provide you with a much better experience so that you can be much more productive.

First of all it is very important that you all update your iPhone, iPad, PlayBook, and Android apps to the latest version. You can get the latest version by going to the app store on the device and click on updates.

You also need to update your bookmarks to the app to:

So Whats New?

Anything you can do in the web browser you can now do on your mobile device

We want you to be able to work seamlessly between the desktop and your mobile device. We brought ‘People’, ‘Scheduled’, ‘Evernote’ and more to the mobile apps. Basically, if you can do it on the desktop we want you to be able to do it on you mobile device.

Cleaner user interface to make the app look great across all computers and devices

We have found that our old color scheme looks great on some computers and devices and on others it looks really bad. Using green is very difficult across different screens. We have chosen to go with a more neutral color scheme so that it looks consistent across any device. We also wanted to get rid of all the unnecessary noise that creeped its way into the old app so we removed or moved anything that was not necessary.

Much Faster App

Our new app is 200%-300% faster to load and to use!

Faster/Easier moving of tasks

We want to make it even easier and faster to go through your Inbox and move your tasks in to the proper project and folder.

Flawless syncing

When Get It Done first came out we only had to worry about the iPhone, now there are thousands of devices that use Get It Done. We have updated our syncing to be rock sold and faster no matter what device you are on.

Better Notes Editing

We made editing notes a much better experience, edit notes without opening up the task and we provided a bigger screen to edit your notes.

Offline Access

With the new version you will be able to access all of your information even if you are not connected to the internet.

Automatic Login

Now there is no need to type in your email and password every time you come into the app, this will make it much faster to get things done.

 More Secure

You could always access our app through SSL but now this is the only way to access the app.

And much more... We are very excited about this update so give it a try and let us know what you think!


So head on over to the app right now to give it a try!


Finally 4.0 Is Approved By Apple!

Apple just approved out 4.0 release! This weekend we plan to make the new app live across all platforms.

We will post more details during the launch.

Thanks everyone for your patience!


Lets try this one more time

Our app got rejected one more time by Apple because it had a link to our website within the app. We removed the link and just submitted it again. Apple drastically changed their policies since our last version of the app so there had to be some changes made on our end to comply. For anyone wondering why the process takes so long this is a history of our corispondince for the last month with Apple:




July 06, 2012 15:34   Apple Upload Received
July 06, 2012 15:32   getitdone Waiting For Upload
July 06, 2012 14:51   Apple Rejected
July 06, 2012 00:32   Apple In Review
June 26, 2012 16:19   Apple Waiting For Review
June 26, 2012 16:15   Apple Upload Received
June 26, 2012 16:13   getitdone Waiting For Upload
June 26, 2012 16:00   Apple Rejected
June 26, 2012 07:12   Apple In Review
June 17, 2012 07:54   Apple Waiting For Review
June 17, 2012 07:51  Apple Upload Received
June 17, 2012 07:48  getitdone

Waiting For Upload

Hopefully this is the go around with Apple! Cross your fingers!

Playing the waiting game

Hello everybody, here is a status update of 4.0.

4.0 is done and submitted to Apple, actually we submitted to Apple a few weeks ago and we have been going back and forth because they want us to change things in the app in order to be approved in the app store. We just submitted another build today so hopefully this will be the last one.

Once Apple approves 4.0, updates can be released much faster and we no longer need to wait for Apple for releases, but since this was a pretty big change we need to get Apple on 4.0 before we can release the 4.0 web app.

But we haven't just been sitting around doing nothing while Apple dose its thing, we have the next version 4.1 almost ready, this will include a NATIVE APP for OSX! This is very exciting for us and we plan on releasing this about a week after Apple approves the iOS app.

Thanks for being so patient!

Android 4.0 beta build now available.

Today we will start releasing builds of Get It Done Android 4.0 beta. We will be changing this daily as we fix bugs so come back often to download the latest.

You can grab it here, just go to this website on your Android browser:

If you are having trouble installing then you might need to 'Enable Unknown Sources' see this post for more details:

Let us know if you experience any issues.


Come try out out our new beta

Hi Everyone,

Today we would like to open the new 4.0 beta to everyone. The new app should work perfectly for most of you but if you find any bugs please let us know. We have a small number of bugs we would like to fix before the official release but they should only affect a small number of people.

We are still finishing up our mobile apps so for the time being you can use the new mobile apps through the web browser on your mobile device by going to

You can also use your old mobile app if you go into the settings of the mobile app and change your "Sync Settings" to "Online only"

To use the new beta head on over to and log in with your existing email/password

We would love to hear your feedback, just click the 'Contact Us' link at the top of the page in the new app to let us know what you think!

Important Information for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch Users

Important Message for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch Users who are using Get It Done App but NOT using the web site at

There is a serious bug in the new Apple iOS 5.1 update. If you are using our web site at everything will be OK because we back up your data for you.

If you are NOT using and you are just using the app on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch then there is a change that can result in your data being deleted on the device after upgrading to iOS 5.1.

Again this is not an issue if you can log into your account at and see your tasks

There is a way to work around this issue BEFORE you upgrade.

This is a solution that works most of the time to get back the data. The migration can be done manually:
- download the software iExplorer (, free)
- connect your device to your computer and run iExplorer
- in iExplorer, open the Apps directory, then  the App directory (getitdoneapp), then the Library/WebKit/Databases directory
- copy the directory Database/file__0 to the Library/Caches directory :
- copy the Localstorage/file__0 to the Library/Caches
Also Copy the entire getitdoneapp folder to your computer in case the upgrade does not work for you!
Sorry for the inconvenience, hopefully Apple fixes this bug before too many people experience this issue, we will also be putting in a fix on our end to prevent this from happening in the future.
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