Get It Done version 4.7.0 out today

It has been a little while since you heard from us but we have been hard at work on a few things. The first thing we would like to release is an update for Get It Done, this release has a few new features, bug fixes and also some speed improvements over the previous version of the app.

One new feature we added is the ability to add the Area of Responsibility, Tags, or Focus to a task that you email into the app! This was one of our most requested features. For more information click here:

To get the latest version for the web browser just reload the webpage. All of the mobile apps are submitted to the app stores but this process sometimes takes a week or so to complete.

Here is what has changed:

  • Feature: Added ability to add Area of Responsibility, Tags, or Focus to a task that you email into the app
  • Feature: Added button to remove project from task
  • Feature: Added ability to complete a scheduled item from the Scheduled list
  • Feature: Major speed improvements when saving a task
  • Security fix for Get It Done API server
  • Fixed: Windows 8.1 disables quick add field after adding a task
  • Fixed: Repeat dialog is unable to select a date
  • Fixed: Don't show quick add field if we are in the find view
  • Fixed: Expired account cannot login as different user
  • Fixed: Don't show buy dialog after registering
  • Fixed: When we uncheck an idem in the trash move it to the Inbox
  • Fixed: Remove top bar on PlayBook
  • Fixed: Tag picker won't scroll if you have a large number of tags
  • Fixed: Back button exists app on Android
  • Fixed: Cannot move to next month on Android date picker
  • Fixed: Client side email check is not correct (some invalid emails get through)
  • Fixed: Area and tags were not getting set correctly when we create a new repeating task
  • Fixed: Due date was getting set for repeating task
  • Fixed: Windows Phone 8 update breaks screen size
  • Fixed: We shouldn't be able to add ourselves to the people menu

Get It Done 4.6.0 Out Today

Today we released version 4.6.0 of Get It Done. We have many bug fixes and some major speed improvements on mobile devices.

Android is in the app store now and iOS and BlackBerry will be released when they approve the app.

Here are some of the bug fixes in this release:

  • major speed improvements when clicking on mobile devices
  • fixed some translations
  • added an 'already purchased' button to the buy now screen
  • fixed due date timezone bug
  • upgraded libraries
  • optimize storage layer of app
  • defer some loading so that pages load faster
  • fixed links
  • fixed Caracas timezone

We also have some great things in our pipeline so stay tuned!



Get It Done 4.5 out today

Today we release version 4.5 of Get It Done Tasks.

The main focus of this release is security and stability. We did a complete audit of our app and servers to make sure we were doing everything that we can to make your data safe and secure and we addressed all the issues where we could improve.

We also added a few small features:

  • We added the ability to change the email address you use to email tasks to Get It Done
  • We also added the ability for you to change your ical feed address

We also recently overhauled our support website and we reopened the forum where you can post and vote on new ideas for us to implement. You can find this forum by going here:

As always, if you have any comments please let us know!



Get It Done Tasks 4.3.2 Out Today

Today we released version 4.3.2 of the  Get It Done web app. All mobile apps will be updated within the next week.

You may need to press the refresh button in your web browser to see the latest changes.

There are many bug fixes and optimizations but the biggest change is that we now fully support the following languages:

  • English US
  • English GB
  • French
  • Italian
  • Spanish
  • German
Your language can be changed in the settings of the app.

If any native speakers out there see any issues with our translations please let us know.

Some of the bigger bug fixes of this release are:
  • fixed bug where the project name in the task list was not styled correctly
  • fixed bug where we were not putting person's name when we export spreadsheet
  • fixed bug where some people were not getting an empty reminder list emailed to them
  • now showing military or am/pm time depending on locale
  • we now try to guess the timezone of the person when they are registering
  • fixed issue where focus counts where sometimes hidden
  • fixed issue where we now send a localized welcome email
  • Added labels to bottom buttons
  • Fixed bug when exporting spreadsheet
  • fixed issue where clear completed button did not clear tasks that were assigned from someone else
  • fixed bug where we couldn't move tasks into a person
  • fixed bug with subscribing to calendars

As always if you have any issues or comments please let us know!


Mike -


Vegetable and Fruit Health Benefits Chart

We usually don't post information like this but I was looking for a good source for this information and I couldn't find it. Below is a description of vitamin and mineral benefits and a chart showing the amount of each.

Vitamin and Mineral Benefits:

Click on the buttons in the chart to see how huch of each nutrient certain fruits and Vegetables have:

If you have any questions or comments click here to send them to us

If you find this chart useful please post it on Facebook, Twitter, or wherever!

Get It Done now on Windows Phone 8

Get It Done Windows Phone 8


Just weeks after our Windows 8 release comes our Windows Phone 8 release. We have found that this is a great platform for Get It Done, we think our app is faster on these phones than on any other.


If you have a Windows 8 phone pick up the app for free now by clicking here:


As always if you have any issues or suggestions please contact us through the website at


Have a great Day!







Get It Done now on Windows 8

Today we just release Get It Done Tasks for Windows 8 which will work on a wide range of devices such as Microsoft's new Surface tablet. Get It Done always worked in the Windows 8 web browser but now you can work even if you do not have an internet connection.

This is our first version for Windows 8 so if you find any bugs please let us know..

If you are on Windows 8 you can get it now:

We plan on supporting Windows 8 phone too but that app is not quite done yet, so stay tuned.

If you don't already have a Get It Done account click here to give it a try


New Get It Done Update 4.2

Today we released the Get It Done web app version 4.2. Please press reload (refresh) button  in your web browser when you are in the app to get the latest version.

In this release we fixed many bugs, made the app faster, and also got the app ready for Windows 8 OS and Tablets that are coming out this week. If you have any issues logging in you can clear out any old data by going here before attempting to log in again:

If you find any issues with this version please let us know!


New Get It Done update 4.0.5

The updates keep on rolling, this is our fifth maintenance update as we work out all the obscure bugs in the app and make small changes to the app to make it easier to use.

Here is what has changed in 4.0.5

  • fixed typos
  • fixed bug where spreadsheets where not getting downloaded correctly
  • fixed bug where iOS notes that contained international characters would not save properly
  • fixed a server issue
  • fixed bug with syncing a some particular Android devices
  • fixed issue that only happens on certain Samsung Android devices
  • fixed bug in exporting csv files that contained null data
  • fixed sorting bug when we use quick add field
  • added an account menu to the settings and added ability to change email address

As always if you have any issues let us know!

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