Get It Done just got a lot better!

We just release a new version of our app; here is an overview of what has changed. We will go into more detail in the following days so stay tuned.

Redesigned UI

We made it very quick and easy to edit your due dates and tags right from the list. You no longer need to open a task to change the tags or due date.

We also added a new toolbar to the bottom of the screen.  We wanted to add more features but had no place to put them so we made this handy menu to keep things clean, neat, and organized.

We also removed the trash and we automatically (if you want) empty your completed items folder after items have been completed for a day, week, or month. By combining the trash and completed items folder, we hope to make the UI cleaner, faster, and easier to use.

Updated Blog

We now have a blog we can be proud of. We updated everything from the design to the organization. Hopefully, you will find it easier to find what you are looking for.

Speed improvements

There have been many speed improvements across the board. Faster loading, faster UI, faster servers, keyboard shortcuts, and better-designed UI so you can get things done quicker.


Ever wonder what happened to that "call your mom" task?  You can now search any task from one easy-to-use screen.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Want to add a task? Just press '+'. Want to cycle through tags or categories?  Just use your arrow keys. Want to add a task? Just start typing. It's fast and easy.

Calendar Sync

If you use a calendar system like google calendar or iCal, you can subscribe to a calendar that lists all of your tasks in your today folder, as well as any tasks with a due date.


We always back up your data automatically.  However, now you can do it yourself now by just downloading them to a convenient csv spreadsheet.

if you haven't already sign up for Get It Done now!

How to sync my tasks with Apple OS X iCal?

If you haven't already, you will need to first check out: How do I sync my tasks to my calendar?

1. Open up iCal on your computer.  It should be located in your Applications folder.

2. Click 'Subscribe...' which is under 'Calendar'  in the top menu:

Click: Subscribe...

3. In the following box, type in your unique 'Get It Done' calendar address. This link is located in your 'Calendar Sync' tab within your Get It Done settings. If you do not know where to find this, you should first read: How do I sync my tasks to my calendar?

Type in the address of your Get It Done calendar

And that's it! Your tasks should now show up in your Apple OS X iCal. Click 'Refresh' to manually update your calendar or 'Get Info' to change the Auto-refresh rate:

To Update the Calendar

How to sync my tasks with Google Calendar?

If you haven't already, you will need to first check out: How do I sync my tasks to my calendar?

1. Open up your Google Calendar by going to

2. Click 'Add by URL' which is under 'Add'  in the lower left corner of your screen:

Add iCal

3. In the following box, type in your unique 'Get It Done' calendar address. This link is located in your 'Calendar Sync' tab within your Get It Done settings. If you do not know where to find this, you should first read: How do I sync my tasks to my calendar?

Type in your unique Get It Done calendar address

And that's it! Your tasks should now show up in your Google Calendar. Google could be REALLY slow to update calendar feeds so you might have to wait for changes to be reflected on your calendar.

How do I sync tasks to my calendar?

To sync your tasks with your online calendar:

You will first need to be logged into your 'Get It Done' account:

1. Click on 'Subscribe to Calendar' in the 'Export' menu at the bottom of your screen:

Click: Subscribe to Calendar

2. Click 'Enable calendar syncing' check box:

Show items that have due dates

If this option is checked, any task that has a due date will show up in your calendar on the specified due date.

Show items in my 'Today' folder

If this option is checked, ALL of your tasks in your 'Today' folder will show up in your calendar under today's date.

This is your unique address you will use to subscribe to your online calendar. We will talk more about how to use this address in the tutorials below.

Select what calendar system you are using:

Web App and iPhone App Update

Today we updated the web app and iPhone app. This update was mostly bug fixes and a few small changes to make the apps easier to use. As always let us know if you are having any problems.

iPhone Updates

Build 26
- iPhone app update release candidate
- edit notes in landscape
- sync when delete projects
- surpress empty data error message
- sync after done, not every rearrange
- shorten status message
Web App Updates

- changed email preferences to be easier to use
- added preference for receiving newsletter
- added the ability to delete one's account
- fixed after completion date was off if it was already overdue
- fixed bug where there was a problem signing up a teammate
- fixed bug where scheduled tasks are sometimes not getting set correctly
- we could now move a scheduled item into today
- fixed issue where cc emails were not getting added to task list
- when we delete the last tag of a project we now delete it
- new dialog comes up if you move a task into a project
- added terms of use, privacy policy, and refund policy
- fixed issue where repeat is coming up twice

iPhone App Approved!

The easiest todo list and task manager is now on the iPhone!

Access your Get It Done online account wirelessly from anywhere in the world now from your iPhone. Our iPhone app gives you access to all of your tasks and projects so that you can get things done on the road.

  • Add notes, tags (or categories), and due dates to each task
  • Rearrange lists with ease
  • Filter lists with tags or categories
  • Organize advanced lists with projects
  • Sync wirelessly with your online account

Buy 'Get It Done' (iPhone task manager) for $4.99.

iphone task manager

New Version Out Today

We just released a new version of Get It Done today and we think it is great. Here is a list of some of the changes:

- iPhone ready!! We are submitting to Apple this week so keep an eye out for the app!
- we no longer sync if account expired
- made a clear button for the sync log
- iPhone now syncs all tasks, tags, and projects
- tweaked check button, fixed bugs with this
- we now scroll the tags top bar if there are too many to display
- made loading of tasks much faster
- drag and drop of tasks is now much faster
- new screen for expired accounts
- fixed bugs with scheduled items
- removed "show in today" it was too confusing and never used
- repeat todos now have the tags of their parent
- delete and replace tags now works for projects too
- fixed many bugs with repeat todos

As always if you have any problems let us know!

More updates!

We just upload a boatload of changes. Let us know what you think!

- files now open in a new window
- logo now goes to your homepage if you are logged in
- Fixed timezone hour offset
- made changing to a different tag much faster
- fixed a bunch of bugs with projects
- we don't send reminder emails if your trial has expired
- re-factored code so the app loads faster
- fixed bug where sometimes you couldn't edit titles
- made loading of todos faster
- drag and drop now scrolls the task window

Get It Done is now easier and more powerful

We have just made some pretty big updates to our Get It Done GTD task manager.

File attachments
Anytime you email yourself a file or attach a file through the web UI we now store the files for you on the Amazon s3 server. What does this mean to you? Faster downloads no matter where you live in the world!

iPhone Syncing
We fixed many bugs with syncing the iPhone with Get It Done. We will be submitting the iPhone app to Apple in about a week so stay tuned to get your copy.

ProjectsProjects Are Easier to Use
We have had a lot of requests to make it more visible if a task is part of a project. You will now notice the project icon to the right of any task that is in one of your projects. We have also made some minor changes to how tags work in projects to make it easier for you to sort your tasks.

Print List
Need to give employees a task list or you'll be away from your computer but still need your list of tasks. Our new printable lists make it quick and easy to take your list on the go.

Hide your Focus
Since many of you are using a lot of projects with Get It Done we gave you the ability to hide the Focus and Old Items lists from the left column. This will give you more space and keep out of sight anything that you don't want to see.

Many bug fixes and UI tweaks
We also fixed a ton of bugs and made some minor improvements to the user interface. If you have any problems, questions, or bugs just click 'help' at the top of any page and let us know!

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