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New this month

  • New Get It Done app
  • Expand all / hide all subtasks
  • New projects view for mobile
  • International date format
  • Improved printing of individual tasks
  • Better spreadsheet export


New Get It Done app

We recently launched a big update to our other app Get It Done (  This is a tool for individuals to manage their tasks. We based this app on the book Getting Things Done by David Allen.

This is good news for Manage It users because we now share much of our code base with Get It Done.  This means new functionality and bug fixes will come out much faster for both apps.


Expand All / Hide All Subtasks

Have you ever wanted to see all of your tasks and sub-tasks but didn't want to click on each task to expand it? We just added 2 new options: expand all and hide all subtasks. This can be found when you click the wrench icon within your project:

Expand or hide all tasks

This feature is in the web app ( and should make it to the apps in the app stores shortly.


New Projects View for Mobile

We added a new way for you to see all of your projects when you are on your mobile device. If you open the app drawer (click the 3 lines in the top left corner of the app) then click on the Projects header, you will see an overview of all your projects. This overview shows you who is on the project and how many overdue tasks there are:

Projects Overview

We hope this quick overview saves you some time so that you can be even more productive.


International Date Format

You can now change the way your dates are displayed. If you go into Settings > ProfileLanguage/Locale, you can find the two date format options.  The English US option will display dates MM/DD/YYYY and the English UK option will display dates DD/MM/YYYY:

Date format


Improved Printing of Individual Tasks

For those of you who print hardcopies, we made it a little easier to print your individual tasks. When you open a task, click the More actions button. You will see the option Print... which will make the output a little easier to read when you print the task.

Print tasks


Better Spreadsheet Export

You will now see more data when you export your tasks to a spreadsheet. The export now includes columns for project, created by, repeats, and number of attachments.


We hope everyone is having a great February. As always, we love to hear your feedback.  Feel free to contact us through the app any time!


The Manage It Team

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