Manage It v4 is out, get it now!

Hello everyone,

We hope everybody had a productive January. This past month we hit a major milestone, you've now managed over 3 million tasks with our apps! We hope that we make your life just a little easier and we work hard to keep your data safe and secure.

Last week we released the 4th major change to the Manage It app ( On the surface it might look the same, but behind the scenes there were major changes. We redesigned our entire back-end so that we can make the app faster and more stable. This release also allows us to add a lot of helpful functionality to both Manage It and Get It Done in the future. Keep an eye on us because we have many new features planned for the next few months.

So how do you get the new app? If you access the app through the web browser you are probably already using it, we automatically direct you to the new app when you reload the webpage.

If you downloaded the app from an app store you may already be up to date as well. If not, just head to the app store and click the update button. Here are links to the different app stores depending on what device you have:

Thanks for trusting us with your personal and business tasks, we are working hard to make you more productive and organized.

Have a great February!

The Mange It Team


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