Get It Done version 4.7.0 out today

It has been a little while since you heard from us but we have been hard at work on a few things. The first thing we would like to release is an update for Get It Done, this release has a few new features, bug fixes and also some speed improvements over the previous version of the app.

One new feature we added is the ability to add the Area of Responsibility, Tags, or Focus to a task that you email into the app! This was one of our most requested features. For more information click here:

To get the latest version for the web browser just reload the webpage. All of the mobile apps are submitted to the app stores but this process sometimes takes a week or so to complete.

Here is what has changed:

  • Feature: Added ability to add Area of Responsibility, Tags, or Focus to a task that you email into the app
  • Feature: Added button to remove project from task
  • Feature: Added ability to complete a scheduled item from the Scheduled list
  • Feature: Major speed improvements when saving a task
  • Security fix for Get It Done API server
  • Fixed: Windows 8.1 disables quick add field after adding a task
  • Fixed: Repeat dialog is unable to select a date
  • Fixed: Don't show quick add field if we are in the find view
  • Fixed: Expired account cannot login as different user
  • Fixed: Don't show buy dialog after registering
  • Fixed: When we uncheck an idem in the trash move it to the Inbox
  • Fixed: Remove top bar on PlayBook
  • Fixed: Tag picker won't scroll if you have a large number of tags
  • Fixed: Back button exists app on Android
  • Fixed: Cannot move to next month on Android date picker
  • Fixed: Client side email check is not correct (some invalid emails get through)
  • Fixed: Area and tags were not getting set correctly when we create a new repeating task
  • Fixed: Due date was getting set for repeating task
  • Fixed: Windows Phone 8 update breaks screen size
  • Fixed: We shouldn't be able to add ourselves to the people menu
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