Get It Done 4.0 is Here!

The highly anticipated update to Get It Done is finally here! This update is a complete rewrite of the web apps,  mobile apps, and server so that we can provide you with a much better experience so that you can be much more productive.

First of all it is very important that you all update your iPhone, iPad, PlayBook, and Android apps to the latest version. You can get the latest version by going to the app store on the device and click on updates.

You also need to update your bookmarks to the app to:

So Whats New?

Anything you can do in the web browser you can now do on your mobile device

We want you to be able to work seamlessly between the desktop and your mobile device. We brought ‘People’, ‘Scheduled’, ‘Evernote’ and more to the mobile apps. Basically, if you can do it on the desktop we want you to be able to do it on you mobile device.

Cleaner user interface to make the app look great across all computers and devices

We have found that our old color scheme looks great on some computers and devices and on others it looks really bad. Using green is very difficult across different screens. We have chosen to go with a more neutral color scheme so that it looks consistent across any device. We also wanted to get rid of all the unnecessary noise that creeped its way into the old app so we removed or moved anything that was not necessary.

Much Faster App

Our new app is 200%-300% faster to load and to use!

Faster/Easier moving of tasks

We want to make it even easier and faster to go through your Inbox and move your tasks in to the proper project and folder.

Flawless syncing

When Get It Done first came out we only had to worry about the iPhone, now there are thousands of devices that use Get It Done. We have updated our syncing to be rock sold and faster no matter what device you are on.

Better Notes Editing

We made editing notes a much better experience, edit notes without opening up the task and we provided a bigger screen to edit your notes.

Offline Access

With the new version you will be able to access all of your information even if you are not connected to the internet.

Automatic Login

Now there is no need to type in your email and password every time you come into the app, this will make it much faster to get things done.

 More Secure

You could always access our app through SSL but now this is the only way to access the app.

And much more... We are very excited about this update so give it a try and let us know what you think!


So head on over to the app right now to give it a try!


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