Web Bug Fix Build Out Today

We have been hard at work fixing bugs and improving Get It Done, here are a few things that we launched last night.

New Email Service

Last night we went live with our new email server which should be much more reliable sending out theĀ thousandsĀ of emails we send every hour. A few of you were not receiving emails from us reliability and we moved over to a much more reliable system which should scale better as we grow.

Encoding bugs

We fixed a number of issues related to international characters such as russian and japanese. One major one was emails that you send to our system were not being encoded properly, this issue is now fixed.

Keyboard Shortcuts

We fixed the bug which was not popping up the add dialog when we press the +/= button

If anyone has an issues receiving emails from us please let us know ASAP, thanks

There are many more improvements on the way so stay tuned...

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