BlackBerry PlayBook Beta

We are proud to announce that we have a beta app in the app store for the BlackBerry PlayBook!

We love the PlayBook here, it is super fast and just the right size. Dare I say that I might end up using this more than my iPad? Time will tell! Since we just got our device today, we are just starting to test on the actual device and there are a few bugs that need to be worked out.

To find us in the App World just search for 'Get It Done' and install the app. Once you log into the app you will have to change your sync settings to 'Online Only', syncing seems to not be working properly yet. To change your settings:

  • Click the Setting button in the Get It Done App
  • Click 'Sync Preference'
  • Click 'Online Only'

This might be a little slower than syncing but it should work for you.

The only other thing that we found not to work properly is re-ordering of tasks. We will work on these bugs and release a more stable version when it is complete.

As always if you find any bugs just let us know!


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