New! Evernote Integration and Task Counts

We have 2 new features we would like to show off today.

Task counts in the web app

If you are using a modern web browser like Google Chrome, Apple Safari, or Firefox, you will notice you can get a quick view of your task counts next to each focus. We added this in the mobile apps already and it finally made it into the web app. The green box is the number of tasks and the red is the number of overdue tasks:

Evernote Integration

For those Evernote users out there, we have had many requests to have Get It Done import your Evernote notebooks into the app. If you don't know what Evernote is, it is a popular app which makes it easy for you to collect notes and files.

If you are an Evernote user we make it quick and easy to view your evernotes in Get It Done.

To enable Evernote go into your settings in Get It Done and click plugins and click 'Enable Evernote integration':

You should now see 'Login to Evernote' and a new category 'Evernote Notebooks'

When you click this you will need to login to Evernote so that we can access your information:

After you do this you will need see your notebooks under the 'Evernote Notebooks' category along with your projects and focuses:

When you click on one of your notebooks you will see all of the notes in that particular notebook. If you taged any of the notes in the Evernote application you can filter the notes by clicking on the tab at the top of the page :

Finally when you click on a particular note you will see it in Get It Done:

And that's it. This is our initial push for Evernote integration, we want to see how people use this feature so we can plan a deeper integration with this and other apps.

Hope you enjoy!

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