Version 3.0.5

Android version 3.0.5 released today. The big feature is 'Native Scrolling'. For some Android devices scrolling can be a little slow, for those people we introduced better 'Native' scrolling feature. We also tapped into the Android Menu and Back buttons, this should make for a better all around Android experience. There is also stability and speed improvements across all mobile apps.

As always Android in the market today, iPhone/iPad will be a few days while we wait for Apple to approve the app.

Change log
Version 3.0.5

Mobile Apps

  • Added a drop-down menu if you have too many tags to display in the task list
  • Native Scrolling on Android
  • Menu button support on Android
  • Back button support on Android
  • Update to jquery 1.5 (speed improvements)
  • UI Speed improvements
  • Fixed bug on certain devices, if you change area the focus counts were off.
  • Other bug fixes

Web App

  • Fixed Area bug happening on IE 7-8
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