iPhone and Web App Updated

Today we released a new version of our iPhone app (version 1.0 (35)) and a new version of our web app. The changes where mostly bug fixes but there are a few small features which should make some of your lives a little easier.

To get the latest iPhone app go into the App Store on your iPhone and click updates. If you do not have the latest version it should show up here. Just click 'update all' and it should start downloading.

To update the web app just click the 'reload' button on your web browser the next time you are logged into the app.

Bugs Fixed

  • fixed issue with dragging tasks in Internet Explorer
  • '&' are getting converted to '&' during a sync
  • periods were getting stripped out during sync
  • receive emails that are utf8 encoded
  • fix UI issue with many tags
  • fixed issue with some tasks not showing up in calendar


Email tasks through export menu

This is a small but powerful feature. You can now email anyone a list of your tasks. This is how it works:

First go into the focus or project that you want the tasks emailed from. If you click a tag you can further refine the list that you are going to email

Choose the tasks that you want to email

Next at the bottom of your screen click 'Export' and then 'Email current view'

Email current view

You should now see the following dialog

Email current view

All you have to do now is enter the email address of the person you want to email this list to and then click 'Email tasks'. That's it!

International date format

You can now set the format for your dates. We have many people who use Get It Done that are not from the United States and it must have been frustrating to always read the dates the American way. To change the date format just go into your settings and just change the drop down menu:

International Date Format

Trash and Completed Items

We have changed the way 'Trash' and 'Completed items' work on the web app. There is now a dedicated Trash where you can drag any task that you do not need anymore. We also changed the functionally of Completed Items so that it is not a real folder but instead lists all the Completed Items that are anywhere in your app. Some people like to keep around their completed items in their Today view so this would be an easy way to see all of them quickly and easily. All of your tasks that are checked off should eventually be moved into the trash.

Completed Dates

you will now notice that the date the task was completed will now appear next to the task check box:

Completed Items Due Date

There were many other minor improvements and stability fixes behind the scenes but these are all the major enhancements to the app.

I hope you enjoy!

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