Web App and iPhone App Update

Today we updated the web app and iPhone app. This update was mostly bug fixes and a few small changes to make the apps easier to use. As always let us know if you are having any problems.

iPhone Updates

Build 26
- iPhone app update release candidate
- edit notes in landscape
- sync when delete projects
- surpress empty data error message
- sync after done, not every rearrange
- shorten status message
Web App Updates

- changed email preferences to be easier to use
- added preference for receiving newsletter
- added the ability to delete one's account
- fixed after completion date was off if it was already overdue
- fixed bug where there was a problem signing up a teammate
- fixed bug where scheduled tasks are sometimes not getting set correctly
- we could now move a scheduled item into today
- fixed issue where cc emails were not getting added to task list
- when we delete the last tag of a project we now delete it
- new dialog comes up if you move a task into a project
- added terms of use, privacy policy, and refund policy
- fixed issue where repeat is coming up twice

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